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Internet4All: Voices of the Women for Digital Inclusion

What does meaningful access and connectivity look like for migrants and refugees? Listen to the digital changemakers, experts, migrants and refugees to learn how to make the internet work for all.

Womens' voices on meaningful connectivity and access. Follow the stories on our channel #Internet4All

Women Peace and Security

How can we ensure women get equal participation in decision making and processes concerning peace-building, peace negotiations, prevention and resolution of conflicts in order to realise the WPS agenda. 

Listen to the insights shared during series of dialogs held by SEEK in collaboration with New Women Connectors and EU-COMAR, with women peace-builders and human-rights defenders

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 11.23.53 PM.png

Leading Resilience

What is the relevance of stories in framing the narratives around migrants and refugees, in highlighting the vulnerabilities they face and resilience they demonstrate during integration, and the significance in times of Covid-19. Listen to Umbreen Salim, Managing Director SEEK, sharing her thoughts at the Leading Resilience webinar organized by the New Women Connectors. 

Afghan Voices

What does a feminist response to the situation in Afghanistan look like? It means that the women's voices are included in the decisions and choices regarding them. There is a need to share experiences & knowledges to design responses that work best for Afghan women and girls. A collaborative session of SEEK with New Women Connectors on "We Stand with Afghanistan".


Connecting & Counselling

In the second webinar for the series, "We Stand with Afghanistan", SEEK, European Coalition, and New Women Connectors got together with human rights activists and organizations to explore how we can connect Afghan women at risk with support and safe and legal pathways for refugee

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