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Climate Change and Migration Series

The SEEK's Climate Change and Migration Series showcase stories of lived experiences and collaborative learnings seeking climate justice for migrants, refugees, and communities at risk of climate displacement.

With climate-induced disasters increasingly becoming a part of today’s reality, migration is increasing manifold due to the climate change crisis. Environmental and climate crises such as erosion, rising sea levels and severe weather conditions, are forcing individuals globally to flee and relocate, and the impacts are disproportionately felt by certain countries and communities. According to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Displacement Report, in 2020 disasters caused the internal relocation of 30.7 million people, and 98% of those displaced “faced weather and climate hazards” (IFRC 2021). 

In our campaign to raise awareness of climate migration, SEEK has drafted policy pointers in response to the Bonn climate conference this past June. These pointers are comprised of both short-term and long-term goals in the anticipation of COP27 to avert, mitigate, and address loss and damage from climate change. We urge participants and leaders attending COP27 to take these goals into consideration and include them in the agenda this coming November.

Visit I am Because We Are: Our Climate Stories to learn more about SEEK's work on climate change and migration. 

Climate Policy Pointers

Policy & Briefing Papers Series:

Climate Change & Migration. 

SEEK - CEU Collaborative Learning Series

The SEEK - Central European University (CEU) Collaborative Learning Series highlights the learnings from SEEK's collaboration for the CEU's course on (Mis)performing World Politics led by Dr. Erzsébet Strausz. Visit the project page for the SEEK-CEU collaboration to learn more.

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Journal Entries of (Mis)Performing World Politics: A Journey Towards Understanding (Mis)Performing and Transforming Everyday Narrative Practices of Sense-Making in World Politics and Social Practices. 

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Co-creating safe spaces for migrant women - decolonizing knowledge production and knowledge sharing practices.

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My Project Timeline Journal: Designing a retreat for SEEK's Portraits of Power. 

SEEK And New Women Connectors Briefing Paper Series 

The SEEK - New Women Connectors Briefing Paper Series brings policy insights from our collaborative learning sessions with changemakers, peacebuilders, human rights defenders, and community leaders.

SEEK and New Women Connectors collaborated with refugee rights organizations for consultations with Afghan refugees and experts. The first two issues of the briefing series highlight the lessons from the consultations to map the road ahead for what the EU and partners can do to plan an emergency response for the current situation in Afghanistan, particularly for women and girls.

The UNSCR 1325 reaffirms that women must have an important role in peace-building, peace negotiations, prevention and resolution of conflicts. SEEK and New Women Connectors held series of dialogs with women peace-builders and human rights defenders to highlight areas necessitating urgent attention to realise WPS agenda. The third issue of the briefing series summarizes key insights and recommendations from the consultations.

"If there isn’t a chair for women in the meeting, build that chair, bring your chair to the meeting” Seyran Khalili

SEEK Policy Briefing Series.png
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Issue 1: From Solidarity to Support: A Collaborative Response to the Emerging Afghan Refugee Situation

September 2021

Issue 2: Connecting and Counselling: Ensuring Safe Pathways for Afghan Women at Risk

November 2021

Issue 3: Women Peace and Security: Women Peace Builders and Human Rights Defenders 

November 2021

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