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Our Story

SEEK is a research and resources initiative positioned in principles of solidarity, listening, collaborating, nurturing, learning and growing together, striving to collaborate with and to augment the perspective of refugees and migrants into public policies and programs that directly affect them in the host countries across the globe. We believe there are diversity of knowledges and ways of knowing. We endeavour reimagining the current migration research, narrative and scholarship by bringing migrant “knowledges” and “perspectives” into the nexus of the current migration policy discourses to provide evidence-based public policy. Our research is based on principles of co-creation of knowledge with the people and communities.

We work as a network of experienced researchers, advocates, activists and scholars based in different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Our Vision & Mission

SEEK visions the power of research and knowledges to promote epistemic, political, and social justice for diverse populations in public perception and public policies in the European societies and beyond. Our mission is to promote a culture of research collaboration and initiatives with diverse populations, particularly the refugees and migrants, to advocate for the inclusion of their voices in public perception and public policy. 

What We Do

Our work focuses on research, advocacy, and knowledge generation in order to inform collaborative responses to social challenges. SEEK pursues to (re)shape the narratives that inform the public perception. We aim to create a knowledge repository that showcases the knowledges, realities, and lived experiences of refugees and migrants, particularly women, during settling down in host countries.  By visibilizing the other side of the story, our goal is to propose practical, effective, and sustainable solutions to (re)form public perception and to co(create) concrete recommendations for public policies.

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