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Advancing Advocacy

SEEK has been committed to raising the voices of migrant women by participating in a range of impactful events: 

SEEK filmed a Podcast Episode with the UN PCCB Network 🎧

As part of our Advancing Advocacy Program, our founder and managing director, Umbreen Salim, recently recorded a podcast for the UN PCCB's 6th Capacity-building Stories Episode 📣. Umbreen shares her expertise on the complex intersection of climate change, migration, gender and capacity-building. Watch here:

SEEK participated in the UNFCCC PCCB 5th Capacity Building Hub at COP28 🌱🌍

On December 9th 2023, SEEK took part in the Capacities For Rights-Based Climate Action Day at COP28.  Alongside The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), SEEK's session 'Refugee Women, Climate Action and the Green Economy' covered a range of important issues.


In collaboration with New Women Connectors and our CoFe Tables Project, SEEK proposed the

following five essential approaches to ensure feminist leadership in climate justice: 

(1) Ensure equal participation of women in high-level platforms of policy-making.

(2) Promote feminist perspectives.

(3) Disseminate information to women about their rights and available resources.

(4) Remove barriers to women's participation in climate policy-making.

(5) Develop equitable funding channels for women-led organisations.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 21.16.10.png
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 21.16.49.png

Watch the session here!

SEEK participated in the 8th European Migration Forum Brussels 📢

On December 4-5th 2023, our founder and managing director, Umbreen Salim, participated in two roundtables at the 8th EU Migration Forum:

(1) What is needed for more sustainable labour market integration?

(2) How can we change the narrative on migration in the age of polarisation and disinformation?


This forum looked at specific needs, skills and communication for stronger inclusion of migrants in Europe today.

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