Portraits of Power

“ Write with your eyes like painters, with your ears like musicians, with your feet like
dancers. You are the truthsayer with a quill and torch. Write with your tongues on fire.
Don’t let the censor snuff out the spark, nor the gags muffle your voice. Put your shit on
the paper”. (Gloria Anzaldu
a, 1980)


“Portraits of Power” project is imagined as a decolonial feminist approach to knowledge-sharing
practice that (is epistemically non-violent and) leads to collective liberation. The focus of the
project is young migrant and refugee women, particularly those from underrepresented and
marginalized backgrounds, struggling to overcome taboos in society, and integrate to live a life of
full potential in the Netherlands.


Through our project, we aim to offer a platform to these women so they can tell the stories, in their own words, of their lived and shared experiences and to offer them the tools to raise their voice against their sense of social injustices and exclusion. We aim to shift the gaze of migration discourses towards women’s shifting subjectivities in the process of migration, settling, and integration, while also serving as a bridge with policy-makers by translating their shared stories for effective policy action and responses.

This project is being realized with the collaboration of Mama Cash. For more details on the project, or to collaborate, contact: info@seekresearchnetwork.