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Annual Report 2021-2022

Our yearly report covering projects from our projects and partnerships to our web seminars and publications:

Holding Hands Report

In 2022 SEEK launched the project “Holding Hands' which aims to support Ukrainian refugees, particularly girls and women to address the war-induced trauma, reclaim their agency, and better integrate into the host societies in the Netherlands and beyond. In this project SEEK aimed to harness the collective power of support through engaging in collective transformative actions and encourage mutual exchange of shared experiences, fears, problems and hopes. Through introducing the Solidarity Circle event(s) and the Knowledge Repository for Ukrainian refugees, SEEK sought to co- create a safe space for mutual sharing and to enable better integration and inclusion into the receiving society.

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Portraits of Power Report

“Portraits of Power” project is imagined as a decolonial feminist approach to knowledge- sharing practice that (is epistemically non-violent and) leads to collective liberation. The focus of the project is young migrant and refugee women, particularly those from underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds, struggling to overcome taboos in society, and integrate to live a life of full potential in the Netherlands.

Through our project, we offered a platform to these women so they can tell the stories, in their own words, of their lived and shared experiences and to offer them the tools to raise their voice against their sense of social injustices and exclusion. We aim to shift the gaze of migration discourses towards women’s shifting subjectivities in the process of migration, settling, and integration, while also serving as a bridge with policy-makers by translating their shared stories for effective policy action and responses.

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