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Co-creating Knowledges

A collaboration with Central European University OSUN Science Shop

Under the partnership with CEU OSUN Science Shop, SEEK collaborated with the Masters-level coursework on "(Mis)Performing World Politics", led by Dr. Erzsebet Strausz. The course looks at contemporary issues of world politics, exploring how common concepts such as statehood, sovereignty, identity, gender, citizenship and labor under global capitalism are performed and acted out in everyday practices and situations.


SEEK brought its project “Portraits of Power” to the course, a creative retreat for young migrant/refugee women through workshops and mentorship with the aim of providing a safe space for reflection on cultural taboos in their communities. SEEK sought support in designing the retreat for effective participant engagement, in the selection of topics for discussion and the collection of ideas on how to organize the writing circles


Three groups of students, supervised by Dr Strausz who had experience with writing retreats, came up with ideas on creating a safe and inclusive environment for participants. The course also resulted in students finding the skills of session planning a great experience, and “that it is acceptable to present an open-ended session plan that has so much room for modification as events and feedback require”. The anonymous reflection at course-end noted “the feeling that we are doing something that is actually worthwhile.”

To learn more about the collaboration and the outcomes, see:

Highlights from (Mis)Performing World Politics

Research Papers on collaborative learnings

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