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The Team


Dr. Muhammad Yazeed


Dr. Muhammed Yazeed is a researcher, educator and a project manager with vast research experience in both quantitative and qualitative research. Ha has published and presented research papers in high reputable journals and international conferences. He has extensive work experience with Local Non-governmental organization with keen interest in promoting women entrepreneurship, education, social support, work-family, conflict, and skills acquisition among others.

Dr. Muhammad Yazeed is based in Nigeria

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Aliyu Dantsoho

Researcher, Advocate and Social Sector Project Manager

Aliyu Dantsoho is a scholar, researcher, policy and development advocate. A proven data analyst with years of academic and industry background, He is passionate about promoting transformational entrepreneurship and innovation as a means of achieving social security, gender equality, among, youth, women, underprivileged and internally displaced people in Sub-Saharan Africa. among underprivileged female in Africa.

Aliyu Dantsoho is based in Nigeria

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Adamu Ado Abubakar

Researcher and Human Rights Advocate

Adamu Ado Abubakar is a PhD Scholar with expertized in digital orientation to promote women and under-privilege girls in forming business start-ups using digital platforms. Adamu has a clear obligation for women health and human rights and promotion of innovative ideas from scratch to success. Recently, become an advocate in migrations policies and upholds the principles of non-discrimination including racism, xenophobia and intolerance against migrants and their families beyond Africa. He is currently undergoing a short course on Global Compact for Migration 2021-2022 and attending more intellectual discussions on 23 objectives of migration.

Adamu Ado is based in Nigeria

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