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Co-Fe Tables

Co-creating Feminist Tables

Feminist Leadership for Climate Justice

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At the CoFe Tables, we aims to gather feminist leaders who are also Climate Justice advocates and activists  to provide critical information to inform our recommendations at COP-28. It promotes rethinking traditional climate change responses.


We envision feminist responses and solutions towards an inclusive and just global climate change ecosystem by including frontline actors in decision-making. Women and feminist leaders should occupy at least 50% of chairs and be champions of resilience, advocates for solutions, and activists for climate justice


We aim to view climate change through a feminist lens by amplifying the voices of feminist leaders who have firsthand experience as activists, advocates, and affectees. Our objective is to understand their knowledge, perspectives, and coping strategies and define the problem and solutions from a feminist perspective. Advancing SDG 13 Goal 13: We women Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.


Co-Fe Tables provide spaces for the missing stakeholders on the climate change tables and high-level dialogs.


13 countries: Bangladesh, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Japan, Kenya.


April to November 2023.
COP28 dates: November 30 to December 12. 


Feminist Leadership Cocreating at Global Level SDG 13, we conduct dialogs on 13 tables, gathering 13 countries, with 13 feminist leaders.

For more details on the project, or to join us, contact:


CoFe Table Talks

Session 1: Feminist leaders discuss how to achieve climate justice

Stay tuned for upcoming tables!

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