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Ukraine Resources

SEEK is offering support to Ukrainian refugee women in the Netherlands through its project "Holding Hands".  Following is a collection of some useful resources for those affected by the war and those working with Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands and beyond. The live (excel) version of the repository can be accessed here.

Please note that SEEK is not affiliated with the organizations/projects listed on the repository and cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the quality of services/support that is offered. 

The support for the project Holding Hands is provided by Mama Cash. To suggest additional resources to be added to the repository, kindly email us at

Resettlement and legal assistance

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Government of the Netherlands: Reception of Refugees from Ukraine: The information portal of the Government of the Netherlands offers news, updates, and resources for Ukrainian refugees. The portal includes information on: 1) Arrival, registration, and stay, 2) Medical care and health, 3) Work and Income, and 4) Education.

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UNHCR - Netherlands: The website has been created for asylum seekers and refugees in the Netherlands by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. 

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Refugee Help: An online portal for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands and everyone who wants to help

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The Netherlands Red Cross Helpline: The helpline provides useful information for refugees in three languages: in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. The Netherlands Red Cross connects people through a Telegram channel which is available in three languages as well: in Ukraine @redcrossnl_ua, in Russian: @redcrossnl_rus, in English; @redcross.nl_en . For more information, you can call 070-44 55 888 from Monday till Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m or send  an email to


Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation: The foundation facilitates the integration of Ukrainians living in the Netherlands into Dutch society, while helping them to preserve their distinct identity, language, culture, and religious traditions for future generations.  The foundation also aims to provide continuous support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, especially to areas most affected by Russian occupation and aggression.

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Ukraine COI Repository: The Ukraine Country of Origin Information (COI) Repository is developed jointly by Asylos and Clifford Chance. This repository contains a list of national, regional and international sources and presents current country information on stateless, at risk of statelessness, and undocumented people under research headings. This initiative started as an emergency response to the crisis in Ukraine in February 2022 and is currently updated every month.

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PILnet Ukraine Resources: PILnet and its partners have developed resources to support CSOs and individuals displaced or fleeing from their home countries.

Does your organization need personalized legal assistance? PILnet can connect you with a qualified pro bono lawyer, at no cost. For people fleeing Ukraine, the PILnet offers country-specific guidance on travel documents, registration, access to social, medical, and housing services, as well as information to establish yourself in a new country.

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Settly: Setlly has created this space to gather and share updates regarding immigration policies for all Ukrainians in Europe and The Netherlands. 


Ukraine Accountability Conference: The Government of the Netherlands hosted, together with the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and the European Commission, an Ukraine Accountability Conference at ministerial level at the World Forum in The Hague, the city of peace and justice, on 14 July. Visit the webpage to watch the recordings of the livestream talk shows, opening, closing and press conference.


Fast Lane Ukraine: (Free Cargo and People Transport) Fast Lane Ukraine is a platform with a social mission with the goal of coordinating volunteer drivers to deliver urgently required goods to the Ukrainian-Polish border and for their return journey connect them with refugees wanting to travel to the Netherlands.

Resources for housing


Takecarebnb: Are you a refugee with a valid residential permit? Are you waiting in asylum seekers’ centre for your own house and would you like to temporarily stay over with a Dutch host family? Then, Takecarebnb will help you get you in touch with a Dutch host family.

Resources for education and children's wellbeing


INEE Resources for Ukraine Crisis: A curated a collection of tools and resources to support the provision of education and mental health and wellbeing of practitioners, teachers, students, caregivers and others. This collection is mostly composed of materials available in languages relevant to the crisis in Ukraine, and more resources will be added as they become available. INEE also has a dedicated channel on Ukraine in the INEE Community of Practice (CoP) as a space to discuss and share EiE resources and information regarding the Ukraine crisis.

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Sesame Street in Communities: Sesame Workshop has launched new educational resources for displaced and refugee children in multiple languages including Ukrainian. The teaching and learning materials, which are part of the Welcome Sesame initiative to support families affected by conflict and crisis, are designed to help families cope with the trauma of forced displacement, communicate and process what they are experiencing, and develop a sense of belonging in new places. Learn more here

Resources for scholars


European University Institute: Online Hub for Ukraine


Following the Russian invasion, a dedicated online hub was launched to collect EUI initiatives, important resources and relevant research to support scholars at risk and all those directly affected by the war.

Free Counseling Services 

Do you want to share any feedback on the resources, or want to suggest additional resources to be included in the repository? Email us at

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