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Holding Hands: Supporting Ukrainian Refugees
in the Netherlands

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Multiple humanitarian challenges have emerged as an outcome of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. As it happens with wars and crises, women and girls are disproportionately affected by the impacts and consequences. For Ukraine, the majority of those fleeing the country are women, girls, and the elderly. We are witnessing a devastating separation of families, making this crisis of forced migration foremost a crisis for women. Consequently, those who have fled the war have escaped war, but not the war-induced trauma. There is an urgent need to act and provide help to the affected girls and women.

SEEK is honored to launch our new project to support Ukrainian women refugees. The project aims to help the refugees escape the war trauma, reclaim their agency, and better integrate into the host societies. SEEK will connect refugees with opportunities, resources, counseling and legal services, and facilitate solidarity circle(s) to build connections and solidarities between new and old migrants/refugees in the Netherlands. 

This project is being realized with the support of Mama Cash. For more details on the project, or to collaborate, contact: info@seekresearchnetwork.

Learn about the Holding Hands Repository for Ukraine

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