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I Am Because We Are: Our Climate Stories

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I Am Because We Are seeks to shed light on embodied and lived experiences of climate migration in order to rethink migration policies at intersections of climate change. We advocate a collaborative approach towards climate migration as an embodying event, bodies matter!

Our Climate Stories aims to amplify the voices of migrants, refugees, activists, and at-risk groups being affected by climate change and call for the urgency of climate action to protect the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities. The project will showcase perspectives of migration/climate experts and activists, and will produce evidence-based reports to propose measures and actions to work towards climate justice for all.

Project Outputs:

This project is being realized with the support of Haëlla Foundation and researchers engaged under the collaboration of the OSUN Science Shop at the Central European University. For more details on the project, or to collaborate, contact: info@seekresearchnetwork.

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